Sissy's Parade Day

One morning in high school at my friend Kerry's house, my teenage friends and I awoke to a boisterous and on-going chant of "Sissy's Parade Day" "Sissy's Parade Day" for what felt like hours. Turns out my friend's little sis (aka. Red) was in the town's Memorial Day parade that morning and this was her father's way of announcing it, and rousing all of us. To this day, when there is a big event for someone, I like to call it "Sissy's Parade Day". In this case, it really was Sissy's Parade Day!! ... My own sister's WEDDING to a fabulous dude who is now my bro. Feast your eyes people. Amazing Photos by: Hitched Studios. SWND did the florals/styling. Even more photos on Hitched Blog here.