Her Majesty, the Tree Peony.

Could there possibly exist something more beautiful than the tree peony? It was a disappointment that the paper-thin petals of this 8 inch beauty lasted only one night in the vase before falling everywhere - but that is all we needed! Gorgeous. It's no wonder the tree only produces 5-6 flowers per year ... looks like it would take some energy.


Scouting in Nor-Cal

How much do we love these vertical succulent beds?


Smithsonian Article on the Flower Trade

A Smithsonian article worth reading if you are at all interested in the flower trade, and where many flowers found in florists and supermarkets in the US come from. Makes you think ... This is why Sarah Worden Natural Design sources locally grown flowers whenever possible. When it isn't possible, we do our best to buy VeriFlora or other certified flowers.
The Secrets Behind Your Flowers by John McQuaid, February 2011, Smithsonian Magazine.