Wild Winter

Winter greenery from the yard (andromeda, rhododendron and holly) mixed with a splash of bold color in the form of the invasive bittersweet, red winterberry and firecracker fuschia mums.


pomegranates, pears + persimmons

Pomegranates, pears & persimmons lend festive flair to this holiday arrangement of winter greens and lilies.


And you can eat it after the party...

A preview of a little something I'm brewing up for a 40th birthday extravaganza tomorrow night...Steel cut oatmeal tins (which I ate this morning!) with andromeda, eastern hemlock (not the poisonous one), radishes, onions, small pears, lilies and rose hips. I like how this is holiday festive (the radishes and onions almost look like ornaments) but not christmasy, which everything tends to be this time of year.